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New Zealand's premier nationwide providers of
professional 400kw Holden V8 Hot Lap experiences

Let us... "Accelerate your Life" 

"Put yourself in the Hot Seat of our 400kw Holden V8"


Freephone: (0800) 374831

Phone:    (027) 2813383 (Stu)
Phone:    (027) 2813385 (Phil)


Advanced Driving Systems Limited
T/A             NZV8 Hot Laps
PO Box 11-359, Palm Beach 3151

Administration Office Hours
Monday to Friday   9-00am thru 5-00pm
Freephone:     (0800) DRIVE1   (374831)

(Beware of cheap imitators... There's only one 400kw Holden NZV8 Hot Laps Ride Experience in NZ)

Due to Covid-19 Restrictions
Some Event Dates Have Been Deferred

Next scheduled event @ Pukekohe is:  Weds 13th October
Next Weekend NZV8 Hot Laps @ Pukekohe is:  Sat 16th October
Next rescheduled event @ Manfeild is:  Tues 2nd November

Gift Vouchers are available by directly contacting our 
NZV8 Hot Laps Admin Office on Freephone (0800) 374831

(Gift Vouchers are valid for redemption and use for 12 months from date of issue)

Our scheduled event dates, being constantly updated on Schedule Page. 

NZV8 Hot Laps and NZV8 Race Experience is proudly
owned & operated by Advanced Driving Systems Limited

For 7 years, Holden had been afforded the privilege of being our naming rights recipient and we  
traded as Holden Hot Laps... Since 2012, we now no longer have any direct association with Holden.

Our existing nationwide NZV8 Hot Lap Rides & NZV8 Race Drive Experiences
do however continue on exactly as before, totally unchanged...
with us utilizing exactly the same 400kw 5700cc & 6000cc Holden V8 race cars...
exactly the same  experienced, professional V8 race car drivers...
and exactly the same fulltime professional race team that has successfully
& professionally delivered our V8 race driving activities for the last 15 years...

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